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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Creative Cuts

Is anyone interested in a very sweet girl?
She is a stray dog that is cute as a button and very social. She has been hanging around for about a week now and longs for a home of her own. She looks to be a pit/border collie mix and not very old, maybe not even 8 months. She's quiet and doesn't cause any trouble in the neighborhood- doesn't even chase cats next door, but she does like to be around other dogs. If I didn't already have three dogs of my own to take care of, I'd keep her and take care of everything she needs but right now, my hands are full trying to get my foster failure Joey trained, fully vetted, and settled in good. My two others have health issues, one with a heart murmur and the other seizures, otherwise, I would have four dogs.

If anyone is interested please give me a call at 864-418-8088.
I can at least foster her if I get a rescue interest. Anything to keep her out of a shelter!

I love it when customers ask for something a little different!

Here's Deuce in a lion cut

 and here is Izz in a mohawk...Note Ollie patiently waiting in the background...

...and well..Ollie is smiling- it was worth his wait...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rescues and Grooms

What a week! These three dogs have been rescued from Lancaster Co. Animal Shelter. I thought they wouldn't make it out, but as a lot of them, last minute rescues were made. Thanks to facebook and sharing, these babies get a chance at a happy life. Jake and Jack were owner surrendered (how could they?) and now they've been taken to the Dawgpatch/Dirty Dawg in North Carolina where they'll stay for a couple of weeks, getting what they need before being transported to New York. Thank you "For the Love of Dogs" rescue for saving them!

Then here is Charlie...last but certainly not least. I worked hard at trying to find a foster for him. I have an affinity for the underdogs and after reading his story, could not see this pup go down. Thank you to "The Omega Fund" for rescuing him. He's had such a hard life already, and he even already had someone adopt him..within a couple of days of being rescued!  Bless his heart, no one showed an interest for what seemed like forever- he was a scruffy looking fellow with a skin infection due to being attacked by other dogs while he was a stray. 

Before, while at the shelter..

And after his first bath at the rescue..

Amazing what a little shampoo and water will do huh? He's on meds for itching and getting his skin problem under control. Good luck Charlie ole boy ♥

Well, on to next week's dogs on the Urgent/Critical list. I follow Abbeville and Lancaster counties closely.

This week school started back, so as usual every year, grooming is slow until the kiddies get settled in with all their supplies and school clothes.
Cocoa - Cockapoo

 Beamer- Cockapoo

Here's a super fun video called "good morning...exercise time..."
Check out dog 1 on the treadmill- he takes lots of breaks lol. Dog 5 keeps looking at dog 4. And dog 2 doesn't have a clue LMBO!
Have a great week!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Copper Before and After

Short summer cut, very easy to care for in between grooms. This dog comes every 8 weeks for a cut like this.

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