Flea Control

I can't say enough about my biggest pet peeve...FLEAS..ugh.

Flea treatments are vital to a dog's health. Since fleas are parasites, you can more than imagine what is happening to your pet's skin(itchy, irritated, infections, etc.) and insides(worms, worms, and more worms), not to mention the poor animal going through sheer torture. Imagine if you had bugs crawling on and biting you and causing welps and bumps. And imagine where those worms are moving around at... I'd go INSANE! Fleas cause worms and all it takes is one bite.

Sometimes, you just have to try and put yourself in your dog's place and imagine how he or she feels.

Prescriptions: Comfortis and Trifexis are once a month tablets that you can only get from your vet. If you go that route, good for you because those also contain a heartworm preventative, a variety of other worms(round, tape, etc), and intestinal parasites. All you need is a tablet and a good tick collar if ticks are a problem.

Spot ons: I carry Advantage ll. In my opinion(and plenty of patrons), it is THE best spot on flea killer without a prescription.

Yard Sprays: Highly recommend. I use liquid seven(fleas are immune to seven dust). Mix it and spray everywhere your dog goes and do it every month if you have to until they're completely gone.

House Sprays: Use along baseboards and around bedding or where the dog stays most of the time.

Bedding: Keep it clean.

Another thing, we have ants terribly bad around here. Keep those ant hills sprinkled with ant killer. Do some research and try a killer that will get to the queen.

I had a vet tell me once that it could take up to 3 months to rid every flea. The cycle has to be broken. They are in stages and just because the live fleas were killed, doesn't mean there won't be more hatching.

Here are some images

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