Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grooming Certification

I've had people ask me if certification is required to be a groomer. Its not until they get a law passed. There are so many things that I would have never thought to research on my own had I not gone through grooming school. I also went through cosmetology school and passed the state board exam years ago, so getting a certification of completion through grooming school was what I opted for.

That said, I would like to move ahead and take  national certification tests to become a certified master groomer(CMA). There are four phases of tests I need to pass. Sporting, Non Sporting, and Terrier(long and short legged) written and practicals, plus one final written. It will take time because I need these particular breeds of dogs, with good coats.  I need to tweak some of my techniques and maybe go back to school for advanced show grooming. Anyway, that's my goal, and I hope to get there in the next two or three years...or sooner if I find the time.

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